animation/ films/ comics/ games

Ishan Shukla (Founder/ Director)

Manind Bedi (Associate Producer)

RCM is creating original, uncompromising animated worlds.

Founded in 2020 by Ishan Shukla, RCM is developing original, adult oriented animated films, graphic novels and video games.

We believe every masterful piece of art irrespective of medium serves as a metaphorical time capsule of that decade. In retrospect, such works don’t just serve as a literary piece but a tool to ignite a dialogue on both the past and the future. We are living in one of the strangest and tumultuous times. To capture this zeitgeist, RCM is weaving ambitious and challenging animated worlds that can reflect some of the strongest abstractions of our times.


While we let ourselves loose in imagining and writing the most challenging and exciting stories, we also embrace real time game engines, sophisticated character creation and animation pipelines to bring our ambitious visions to life. As a small multidisciplinary team we quickly adapt and incorporate the advancements in order to stay ahead in the game while keeping our visions intact.